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Through You Chapter 19
The Shadow Beast stalked through the buildings, heading south.  The cold of the city breeze against his skin was exhilarating, making him all the more eager.
He did not like the instructions the voice gave him.  He did not like being forced to be obedient.  With each new directive, he snarled defiance.  Who was this ancient voice to claim some debt was owed?  He would show this voice who was in charge.
However, the voice promised fun, an interesting hunt.  Other prey was out there, just waiting for him to find.  It would be quite fun, and there was other things of interest to amuse him.
"And what might this be?" a voice spoke from nearby, the menace in the voice letting the meaning pierce the Shadow Beast's mind.
He turned, his mind starting to become clearer.  There was a foe, not a prey.  One the Shadow Beast hated, reviled, wished was never born.  He had caused him pain and rage and sorrow.  The Shadow Beast determined th
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My Little Titan 25
25. Competing
Excerpt from Raven Roth’s Journals:
The Sisterhooves Social is held at Sweet Apple Acres annually a month before the beginning of Cider Season.  I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of the event is.  I understand that it is a tradition, but it seems to me that the Apple’s have won nearly every single year since Apple Bloom was steady enough to compete alongside Applejack.  I fail to see the point of such a competition, or of watching when it is so often a forgone conclusion, considering that all the obstacles are based in things done on the farm, which the Apple Sisters are, of course, more practiced in.
However, giving another look at the audience and what they’re focused on, perhaps the competition has a completely different purpose.  Young mares between 17 and 25 racing alongside their younger sisters through various obstacles that push their limits and get them hot and sweaty and demonstrating various skills whil
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 2 2
The Flower Blooms Twice 9
Apple Bloom futzed briefly against the fabric of her crimson and green gown.  “Do I really have to get all dressed up like this?” she asked, frustrated.
“But of course you do!” Rarity exclaimed giddily.  “You’re attending the Grand Galloping Gala as an honored guest!  You three need to look your absolute best!”
Sweetie Belle stood perfectly still in her pale blue gown, her head at just the right angle as Rarity instructed her.  “Rarity…can I move yet?”
Rarity chuckled.  “Yes, Sweetie, I’ve finished with your dress.  You can move now.”
Sighing in relief, Sweetie relaxed her posture.
“Just don’t step on the gown or tumble, or I’ll have to redo the entire thing.”
Sweetie groaned, barely resisting the urge to facehoof, as that would get makeup on her pristine diamond hoofshoe.
Scootaloo groaned.  “Apple Bloom, if it were anyone else, you’d ne
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 3 4
My Little Titan 24
24. Settling
Excerpt from Raven Roth's Journals:
Discord's asked me to keep journals of my 'early years' in Equestria.  I don't understand why.  He said something about their 'historical value'.  I think he just likes prying into ponies private lives.  Still, I suppose I can do that much at least.  It doesn't really cost me anything.  Of course, if anyone other than Discord is reading these, someone will shortly be very dead.
At any rate, I suppose I should write down how my first few days in Ponyville as myself have been.  ...really not that much different from normal.  Since Pinkie didn't throw me a Welcome Party - she felt it inappropriate since I'd been here a full year, although she is planning a 'Year of Titans' Party in a few weeks - no one's actually recognized that we're new ponies.  Since we act like we belong and know everyone already, they accept us just as easily.  I don't know whether to find that creepy or reassuring.
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 4 9
Nya-Nya Lives 1
1. Waking Up
I can't seem to remember much of head, it hurts so much.  I'm lying here, under this black pool, shadowed beneath a tree.  The rain didn't wash it away.  My whole body hurts...  I can't tell what's real, what's not.  I...don't know what's wrong with me.  Who am I?
Relax, Nya-Nya.
That's in my head.  Why is there a voice in my head?  Who is it?  What's going on?
I am Brushogun...or what is left of him...
Brushogun?  I feel like that name should mean something to me...but it doesn't.  I try to move my body.
Not yet, Nya-Nya.  You aren't yet fully formed, and the water will still wash you away.  Just rest.
Rest...I feel like I want to rest.  Maybe things will make more sense after I rest.  I stop struggling, and let myself sink back into slumber.
I don't know how long after my first awakening it is, but I feel more whole now, somewhat stronger.
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 7 16
Whatever It Takes, I Love You Chapter 17
17. Past and Future
Scootaloo stared as Firefly and the others landed on the far edge of the cloud, not sure what to think.  Her birth parents?  She knew she'd had them at some point, but she never knew who they were, or even if they were still alive.  And now here they were.  Why were they here?  And...why did they give her up?  Leave her with Candy Cane?  Did...did they know what he was going to do to her?  Did they care?  She shivered, pulling in close against Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash glowered towards Fire Flash and Skysong.  Then she glanced towards Firefly.  "What do they want?"
Firefly started to speak up, but Fire Flash overrode her.  "We are here for our daughter."
"I've told you-" Firefly began.
"You will speak when spoken to, commoner!" Fire Flash snapped, glaring her down.  "Now that she has proved herself in First Flight...Firesong is ready to take her proper place in the family, and she will do so!"
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 1 0
Whatever It Takes, I Love You 16
16. Fly Higher
Scootaloo stood in an open field just outside Ponyville.  She carefully spread her new wings wide, admiring her new plumage.  It had been a long time coming, longer than any other pegasus she'd ever known, but her wings would now be able to carry her through the sky.  Smiling, she gave them an experimental flap.
Her flight muscles were strong from years of hummingbird-style flapping to propel her scooter, but moving larger wings was a different movement, and it put a slight strain on her shoulders as she moved.  She gritted her teeth and ignored it.  Like the stallion ghost in her dreams had taught her, pain was to be endured and overcome.  That was the path to one's dreams.  She knew it was true.  She had endured and overcome the pain life had thrown at her every day.  As a result, she had gone from orphan to Rainbow's little sister, from dodo to flier, and from Blank Flank to having her Cutie Mark.  She wouldn't let any
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 1 4
The Flower Blooms Twice Chapter 8
Celestia stared blankly at the spectacle before her, her mind racing.  This...this is impossible! she thought silently.  Apple Bloom representing the Changelings?  Wait, that's the Royal Crown, only the Queen wears it...Apple Bloom, Queen of the Changelings?  She shuddered inwardly.  Even if that were possible, what a nightmare that could be, especially with what they just said.  However, this is plainly impossible.  Since this obviously can't be real, how do I explain it?  She quickly ran down the possibilities.
Discord?  No, since he became reformed, he wouldn't put this many ponies in danger for a prank, and before he was reformed he lacked the foresight to set up a joke that took more than a day from initialization to punch line.  She mentally ticked Discord off her list of suspects.  Luna?  It might well be a dream prank and none of this is real.  That smirk and suppressed laughter she'
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 0 9
The Legend of Twilight: A Dash of Courage 2
2. The First Key
Rainbow flew quickly to the edge of the Everfree Forest before halting, the Twilight Blade sitting comfortably between her wings, neither interfering with the flight nor unnoticeable, giving just the right amount of reassuring weight to remind Rainbow of how serious the quest was.
"Alright," she said, flapping her wings to hover.  "I need to find the Ancient Grove, find the Guardian, and...what was it I was supposed to do?  Bemeek, petite, uh...whatever.  I'm supposed to get the key from him, so I'll just kick his flank until he hoofs it over.  Anyway, first stop is the Ancient Grove, beyond the farthest edge of the Everfree Forest."  Rainbow tilted and glided slowly along the edge of the forest.  "So...which edge is farthest?  And from which direction?"
She continued for a time, circling around the Everfree Forest, and then overflying it in a grid pattern.  However, she still saw no sign of anything she'd call particularly ancie
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 3 8
The Flower Blooms Twice Chapter 7
Apple Bloom could feel something just at the edge of her awareness, a quiet hum that was both disturbing and comforting at the same time.  She could still feel all those minds that had assaulted hers, but they were held at a distance, seven minds holding them back, and one holding back the seven.  Only the one mind now had the direct link to hers, and the quiet hum came from that thought.  Apple Bloom slowly stirred.  Blinking, she opened her eyes.
"Ah, you awaken, my Queen," a voice said near her, the one she recognized as High General Coin.
Apple Bloom pushed herself into a sitting position.  "Yer what now?"
Coin blinked.  "My Queen.  You were victorious in the crown challenge against Chrysalis.  As you are of Changeling royal blood, you are now Queen."
Apple Bloom was quite confused.  "Wait...I'm what now?"
Coin sighed.  "How much do you know about Changelings?"
Apple Bloom shrugged her shoulders.  "I know how to change form.
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 1 15
The Flower Blooms Twice Chapter 6
Apple Bloom stared around her as the Changelings began to close in on her, separating her from her friends.  Sweetie and Scootaloo tried to reach her, but the mass of dark bodies blocked every attempt.  However, Apple Bloom wasn't going to go down without a fight.  As the Changelings leapt towards her, she spun, kicking out with both hind legs, rearing up to strike with her forehooves, viciously head-butting others.  However, as she fought, she could feel the ferocity beginning to affect her mind, as she bared her teeth in a vicious snarl.  She lunged forward at a Changeling that was rearing up to strike her and sank her teeth into its neck, tearing its throat out as green blood spattered her face and the grass.
She stepped back, shocked at what she had done.  I...I just killed somepony.  I...I didn't mean to...  She stepped back, away from the still shaking body as more of the Changelings piled onto her.  She struggled, but she could
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 1 7
The Legend of Twilight: A Dash of Courage Ch 1
1. Taking the Quest
Rainbow Dash flew slowly towards Canterlot.  Well, slowly for her, anyway.  She would still cover the distance from Ponyville to Equestria's capitol in under an hour.  Even so, she didn't want to get there too fast.  Given the situation, she needed time to think.
A little over three months prior, Twilight received a letter from Princess Celestia that she would need to return to Canterlot on a more permanent basis for an indeterminate amount of time in order to begin the new stage of her training, as she came into her own as both an alicorn and a princess.  This news had hit the entire group rather hard, and Twilight had been nearly inconsolable as the date of her departure approached.  However, her friends had been determined to give her a sendoff to remember.
Rainbow remembered that they had thrown a massive party, just the seven of them.  There had been cake, ice cream, games, balloons, streamers, and even a musical number.
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 1 15
The Flower Bloom Twice Chapter 5
"Daring foals of mystery
Champions of right
Swoop out of the shadows
Fillies own the night
Somewhere some villain’s scheme
Is going straight to hell
When there's trouble you call FDW
Let's get Dangerous
Cutie Mark Crusaders Superheroes, Yay!
Cloud of smoke and they appear
Masters of Surprise
Who's the cunning minds behind
That shadowy disguise
Nopony knows for sure
And nopony's gonna tell!  Here comes...
When there's trouble you call FDW
Let's get Dangerous
Better watch out you bad colts!

"Sweetie!" Apple Bloom hissed.
"What?' Sweetie Belle asked, snapped out of her singing.
"We are supposed to be sneaking here.  That's kind of the point to the disguises."
Apple Bloom facehoofed.  "Singing at the top of your voice hardly helps with sneaking."
"Oh."  Sweetie hung her head.  "I'm sorry."
Scootaloo nudged Sweetie to lift her head.  
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 1 2
My Little Titan 23
23. Return to Harmony
Pinkie Pie's shudders slowed and stilled, her breath low and shallow.  Her lips pursed, and a low hiss of breath escaped her mouth.
From her place by the door, Trixie approached along the hall.  "Pinkie Pie?" she asked, concerned, her actions more or less unnoticed by others, who were focused on each of their still suffering charges.
Pinkie's shudders came to a halt, her breath slowing further.  Her breath came through her pursed lips like a hiss of steam, a barest whisper of sound.
Trixie leaned in close, trying to make out what Pinkie could be trying to say.  "Pinkie?"
"surPRISE!" Pinkie burst out, leaping into the air as her mane and tail poofed back into their normally curly configuration, her shout sending Trixie bowling backwards head over hooves.  A burst of light surged out of the Element of Laughter as she did so, echoed by lights in the other Elements.  "Oh my gosh, I'm so happy!"  As Pinkie landed on all four hooves, s
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 3 12
My Little Titan 22
22. Return of Harmony, part 5
Raven grunted as she came in for a landing on a hard, smooth surface.  Blinking her eyes, she saw what looked like a road made of starlight.  Groaning, she pushed herself to her knees as she put a hand to her forehead.
As this action registered in her mind, she froze.  She stared at her hand like she'd never seen one before.  Then again, she thought to herself, it has been nearly a year since I last had one.  Turning, she examined her surroundings.  Beyond the starlit road, she saw the empty expanse of space, filled with stars and a few nebula.  Wait a minute, she thought.  I recognize this place.  If I'm right...this is where Twilight became an alicorn in the show.  She froze.  "Twilight?"  She spun around.
There, on what she thought of as the ground for lack of a better definition, was Twilight Sparkle, groaning as she rolled to her hooves.  Nearby, the other Tit
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 2 10
My Little Titan 21
21. Return of Harmony, part 4
Trigon slowly rose to his feet, shaking his head to clear it of the ringing of that last blow.  It had felt like the strike of an archangel.  The last time he'd felt such force in a blow was when he'd been sealed within his own realm, ages ago when the boundaries were first forged and the might of Chaos was banished to the outer most edge of existence, beyond the light of Source.  What had hit him?
Before he could get to his feet, however, something slammed into his chest, claws digging into his flesh as he was slammed back against the ground.  An unexpected cry of pain burst from his mouth as he stared at the creature that had landed on him.  He knew what it was.  He recognized the aspects of the Beast, the form his daughter's green paramour took to protect her, a form that somehow could dispel the manifestation of his minions with its claws.  He recognized also the might of an MaTerran dragon, creatures his MaTerran ora
:icontatsurou-san:Tatsurou-san 2 4


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Asked questions:
1. How did you first knew about Sonic?

Played the first game when it first came out.

2. Who is your #1 favorite Sonic character?

Tails.  He's the one I can most easily identify with, and thus most readily write the way I want to.

3. Who is your favorite Sonic Villain?

Tie between Metal Sonic and SatAM's Dr. Robotnik.

4. What is your favorite Sonic music?

Tie between "City Escape" and "Open Your Heart" from Sonic Adventure 2.  But "I Want to Fly High" is a very close second.

5. Before MLP: FiM, what were your thoughts on My Little Pony?

No opinion.

6. What got you into MLP: FiM?

A webcomic called Friendship is Dragons.  friendshipisdragons.thecomicse…

7. List your favorite Mane from most to least.

Hmm...Tie between Fluttershy and Twilight, tie between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity

8. Your favorite Minor characters (CMC, Princess, Background, Villain)?

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Discord.  I would add Spike, but I don't consider him a minor character.

9. What got you into the crossover of Sonic MLP?

Saw comics comparing Sonic and Rainbow, and I got an idea to write a crossover ship fic.  That's also what got me so heavily into MLP.

10. You must do this meme:

Maybe later.  Glitchy touchscreens make those things difficult.  However, I will say for crossover shippings, My OTP's are Sonic x Rainbow and Shadow x Twilight, and don't talk to me about Regular Show.  Ever.  *shudder* That thing is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

If you're reading this and are a fan of both MLP and Sonic, consider yourself tagged.  Too lazy right now to tag manually.



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